Coronado Senior Center

Special Notice

Center closed to general public. The Coronado Senior Association ceased all program operations as of Saturday, 17 December 2016.

Association Office is open Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.
1019 7th St
Coronado, CA 92118

Come by or call 619.435.2616 and one of our corrordinators, Rick Burnett or Linda Ferguson, will help you with any question you may have.

Senior Association Board members and coordinators are currently reorganizing programs and preparing to join with Coronado City staff to operate the new Coronado John D. Spreckels Center and Bowling Green supporting community adults from the ages of fifty and above.

Additionally we are developing a new website that will be coming online by the end of February, at which time we will provide the new URL.

The new John D. Spreckeis Center and Bowling Green is still under construction and is tentatively scheduled to open by late Februrary.

Coronado Senior Association

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The Association offers members a variety of programs, trips, special events, activities and classes at low-cost or free of charge.

Please support our Association; 2017 memberships are only $40 per person.

Annual membership to the Association is just $40 a year. CLICK HERE for membership information.

As of 3 December 2016

John D. Spreckels Center and Bowling Green

The City of Coronado is proud to present the John D. Spreckeis Center and Bowling Green, the newest jewel in Coronado's crown of public facilities. The project reflects a four-year process involving significant public input to determine the elements of a facility that will serve a vibrant Coronado 50-plus citizenry long into the future. The Spreckeis Center is a 9,010-squarefoot building adjacent to the Coronado Public Library and across from Spreckeis Park.

The Center was constructed primarily with a bequest from longtime resident and philanthropist Frances G. Harpst. The Spreckeis Center, owned and operated by the City of Coronado, Is a new community focal point for Coronado residents. It will offer a wide variety of programs and services including health, fitness and wellness programs, volunteer and civic engagement opportunities, educational and arts programs, and intergeneratlonal programs beginning In February.

Designed by Architect Robert R.Coffee, the project engages Spreckeis Park on one side and the lawn bowling green on the other, and brings both into the facility by way of an open floorplan and large windows. Centrally located in the community with easy access for patrons, the building materials have been selected with a sensitivitytoward using natural finishes.

The City Council directed that the building be Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED certified and staff expects it will be awarded a Silver designation. The facility has WI-FI, and informational display panels for daily and weekly programs. It has a large multipurpose room, which accommodates large gatherings for popular programming as well as smaller spaces dedicated to specific programs such as art and enrichment classes. A catering kitchen and two outdoor living and patio areas make this new home for Coronado residents the perfect gathering spot.



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